"Where words fail, music speaks" - Hans Christian Andersen


Music is truly the international language. At FLAG, music plays this important role in education.

The Western Music programme at Fazlani L'Académie Globale, aims to give children an enjoyable fun-filled experience playing instruments ranging from singing to basic percussion to keyboard and guitar. The music syllabus for each grade aims at enhancing creativity and progressively developing skills.

In Grades 2 and 3, students are taught the basic rudiments of Western Classical Music through percussion instruments, singing and a variety of activities. We explore different musical styles and expose students to varied instruments.

In Grades 4, 5 and 6 every child is given an Electronic Keyboard. Building on previous musical training, students learn to play simple melodies immediately. This provides them an excellent opportunity to incorporate their favourite tunes from the pop charts into their repertoire. Emphasis is placed on reading actual music notations, writing music and also playing by ear. Students who are inclined and highly motivated are further trained to appear for the Trinity Guildhall, London practical and theory music exams.

Our guitar curriculum (Grade 7 to Grade 12) allows students to learn in great depth and detail as well as see connections that naturally exist among music subject areas making guitar learning more meaningful and effective.

The curriculum consists of the fundamentals of music as applied to guitars. It comprises of the Guitar Primer, Chord formation and patterns, scales and theory and several exercises. Students then move on to practical applications of guitar techniques and various rhythm patterns. It emphasizes on various scales (minors, majors, diminished pentatonic, etc) arpeggios, modes, keys, advanced right hand techniques, advanced left hand techniques, slurring and lead guitar techniques.

The reason FLAG gives so much importance to the musical education of its students is because of the immense developmental benefits that 'childhood' music education offers. Besides enhancing cognitive processes involved in language, reasoning, science and math, it is an activity they can enjoy for a lifetime. It certainly improves the creativity, co-ordination and concentration of the child and paves the way for a happy and well-rounded personality.