Community Outreach

Community Service plays an integral role in student life @ FLAG (Fazlani L'Académie Globale). Students across the continuum from primary school to high school engage with local communities to make a small difference to the lives of the under-privileged.

No Bags Day

On 15th October 2015, the school observed a NO BAG DAY to celebrate Dr A.P.J Kalam's birth anniversary. As part of Community service this day we did a book donation drive and our young learners donated books to NGOs like Muktangan and Mumbai Mobile Creche.

The M.A.D Bug Infected Exhibition!!!

The PYP Exhibition each year gives the FLAG community - students, teachers and parents, an opportunity to collaborate, create, commit and take action. Students this year inquired into:Global balance is impacted by decisions of communities;and were guided by the BIG IDEA: Interests guide people in ways in which they can help the world by working together.

Some of the issues that students chose to research upon were: Animal abuse, Endangerment/Extinction, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Plastic)and Pollution. Student understandings were shared with the school community through a presentation evening that also included an exhibition SOUK initiated by students and had kiosks for sales by the NGO's supported by the students - ASSEMA, WORLD FOR ALL, SPARROW SHELTER.

This year's exhibition empowered students to think about "Change" that they can bring as an individual or together and contribute to the society, country and also internationally.
From #YESWECAN, emerged a student abbreviation - M.A.D.which in their words is: 'MAKE A DIFFERENCE'. M.A.D soon became viral at school and we could see the students infected with passion, empathy, curiosity, creativity to makea change with their actions-surely a visual treat to see the students making the PYP Happen!

FPAC (Fazlani Parent Action Community) Fiesta 2016

This year FLAG Parent Action Community joined hands to serve the school and local community.

The FPAC committee hosted an Arts event to raise funds for Don Bosco Shelter. The funds so raised were used to donate a refrigerator, computers etc. to Don Bosco Shelter based on an evaluation done by the committee. It was a proud moment for the parent community as another year of goodwill and PYP action came to a close.

Annual Athletic Meet

The FLAG Annual Athletic Meet this year was based on the theme of "Sports around the World". NGO Adapt was invited again this year to be our special guests and part of our day of sportsmanship.

Kala Ghoda Art Installation

Kala Ghoda theme: Crossing the threshold and children's section worked on a theme - all things bright and shiny that helped FLAG Bag the 2nd position at Kala GhodaArt Festival (Student Installation). We wanted to spread the message of Crossing the threshold of Comfort Zones and helping others who are less privileged than us.

Earth Day Celebrations with a community outreach focus

Young Learners at Fazlani L'Académie Globale joined hands to save planet Earth!!! Students of grade 1 to 5 designed posters and wrote poems to protect our planet. They also committed themselves to small deeds that would make a difference in the long run. Their motto was - Together we can make our community cleaner and greener.They discussed with the school peons and maids how to keep their homes clean and hygenic.

Peace Day

Grade 5 students of Fazlani L'Académie Globale presented a touching performance by singing a song to support Global Peace on the occasion of World Singing Day celebrated on 24th October 2015 . Their aim was to spread the message of peaceful co existence in the school area which has a mixed population.

Holi celebrations with ADAPT

Grade 6 students got an opportunity to visit the NGO - ADAPT (Able Disabled All People Together) to celebrate the festival of Colours, 'Holi' by engaging in creative activities like Card making, Singing and Dancing. Through this interaction they were able to make this day meaningful and enjoyable for themselves and for the ADAPT members .Because Service initiatives like this enrich lives of the Giver and Taker.

Caring and Sharing

Grade 7 students visited World For All - An NGO that saves helpless animals of Mumbai. Through a donation drive our students collected funds to support the NGO which looks into animal care and adoption. For students at Fazlani, Community Outreach does not mean reaching out and helping only human beings but also animals .

Friendship Builds Bridges

Grade 8 students got an opportunity to celebrate the festival of colours, "Holi" by engaging in creative activities with students from the Jai Vakeel School. Our students thanked their coordinator for this community outreach initiative because they became more empathetic learners and have pledged to spend some time each term with them.

Respect Senior Citizens Campaign

Grade 9 students invited the senior citizens from the NGO - Help Age India to school. Students engaged the elderly citizens with Activities, Games, Singing and Music. In today's world and hectic pace of lifestyles we wished to inculcate in our students that talking and interacting with senior citizens will be more rewarding than sitting in front of a computer and chatting on facebook. Seeing the smile on their faces and a kind of shimmer in their eyes made it a worthwhile initiative for our students.

Together we can make a Difference

Grades 11 & 12 (IB)

During 2015-16, FLAG collaborated with the Jai Vakeel School. The Jai Vakeel School, run by 'The Research Society', is working in the field of 'Intellectual Disability' for the past 7 decades. A key reason for us collaborating with Jai Vakeel was raising awareness about intellectual disability and sensitizing the community at FLAG. As part of the fund raising initiative, we designed special t-shrits that had the star sign of the child printed in the front. Our IB students (Gr 11 and 12) went to each class in our school showcasing the t-shirt and also shared information about the Jai Vakeel school. Through this endeavor we were able to raise INR 80,000.

The Fazlani school trust also contributed to this campaign by contributing an equal amount for this initiative. The combined amount (INR 160,000) was used to purchase individual gardening kits for over 300 students at their (Jai Vakeel's) Sewri centre. The gardening kit comprises of different tools needed for thisactivity (including palak and methi seeds). Since exercising is a must for these children, through the gardening activity, students would dig the soil, sow their own seeds and in the process also exercise their muscles.

Food Fiesta

Students organised a Food festival to raise money for an NGO called MMC (Mumbai Mobile Creche) to purchase equipment for them.

Youth Power for Empowering others

Grade 11 & 12 students from Fazlani L' Academie Globale (FLAG) trained students from Muktangan (an NGO which supports the underprivileged children of our community by providing them with quality education) in dramatics - to prepare them for their Annual Show. Our students penned the script and helped each child from Muktangan perform to the best of their abilities.

Our students from Grade 11 and 12 also taught students from Muktangan (of Grade 3 and 4) a variety of subjects (English, Math, Art). Students created lesson plans and used varied teaching aids to make the content accessible to the learners of Muktangan.

Medical Camp

Our IB students organised a medical camp for students from ADAPT. The medical examination included components such as pediatric, dental, audiology and ophthalmological check up. These examinations were conducted to assess the physical health of the students from ADAPT. Our students were actively involved in assisting the doctors to perform the assessments.

Mission Vision

The students from IB section (Grade 11 and 12) joined hands with Help Age India, an NGO that supports the betterment of the elderly citizens of our society. FLAG in association with Help Age India, proudly accepted the challenge of providing the gift of eye sight to the elderly. As we are all aware life without vision becomes nearly impossible especially for the tired bodies of the aged. So, the students had a chance to re kindle joy and light in their lives for which they worked towards with full enthusiasm. This was not an easy task to accomplish as the backbone of every social cause is finance. Hence the students of FLAG decided to carry out a donation drive to collect enough money to fund cataract operations. And so began the journey of 'Mission Vision'!

The final aim was to ensure that the cataract operations were successful, for which a hospital was booked. The eye camp conducted was a great success as it gave 130 people better vision.

Peer Interaction

Grade 4 students were inquiring into "children rights for education" as part of the transdisciplinary theme "WHO WE ARE"

The homerooms & students invited students from DOORSTEP (an NGO that runs mobile education buses)for a day of collaboration and learning in an inquiry immersed environment at school.

Students explored art and outdoor centres for play enjoying an environment different from their usual day of teaching and learning.

Students also invited our students for a peek into their education buses and were happy to share their resources too. A great day for Peer sharing and learning between two very different groups of children. It was an educative and enriching day for both.

Learning about Child Rights

ASEEMA an NGO came to our school to run their film "RAJU an I" which highlights child rights. For our students it was great learning from an NGO. Our aim was to empower our students.

Joy of Giving Week

Our staff like to lead by example so they all gave gifts to our didis (maids) which they could use at home during the Joy of Giving Week . Picnics are arranged for all our peons and didis as part of Teachers Day celebration each year.


Our school trust offers scholarships to deserving students who cannot afford our school fees because the mission of the trust is to empower children and make their future brighter with a good education. They also help various other local schools to ensure a good learning environment. (Details could be shared if required).

So Community Outreach for us not only means we do projects to help other less privileged but it means learning beyond boundary walls of a classroom where every community outreach initiative is enriching experiential learning for both parties involved.

Community Outreach is not only done by our students but by our trustees, staff and parents too. So its part of our core ethos and we hope to develop students who will always be frontrunners in such Community Service initiatives even after they pass out from our school.

For us at school it is not the number of community outreach initiatives we engage in but the quality and impact of these initiatives which is essential.