Classrooms Classrooms at FLAG are spacious, natural-lit, air-conditioned and conducive to creating the optimum atmosphere for meaningful learning and the colourful Early Year's classrooms only add to the spirit of inquiry, discovery and group learning.

Library & Media Centre

Library & Media Centre An extensive library with a range of books is available to students, parents and teachers. The library also subscribes to periodicals, international weeklies and the local daily papers. Other library resources include a large collection of DVD's, CD's, bulletin boards, posters and Internet access. The library acts as an important resource centre for Primary, Secondary and High School students with books ranging from reference books, to subject-related books, fiction, comics and books in home languages.

Information Technology

Information Technology The school places great emphasis on technology as a tool to aid learning. Our computer lab is equipped with the latest computers with Internet access. The IT centre will have a supervisor available at all times for student help and guidance. Apart from computer classes specified in the curriculum, students are encouraged to use the labs before school begins, during break times and after school with responsibility and proper care.

A wireless communication network links the entire campus. Diploma students can research via laptops in their classrooms.

Smart Class

Smart Class Brings a new dimension to using technology in the classroom, using content, real time assessment and teaching ideas that allow teachers and students to meet their education goals. It is a comprehensive solution to enhance student's academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of technology. It also provides students with access to relevant instructor-led multimedia content and instruction materials mapped exactly to the specific curriculum and knowledge which goes beyond a textbook. It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class with innovative use of technology.

Smart Class has been installed in the Primary and Secondary classrooms - each classroom houses a 42" Plasma TV. The system is controlled through a knowledge centre located within the school premises.

Science Labs

Science Labs Built to International specifications and safety norms, the three science labs have been designed by science teachers to allow for a practical, hands-on, experimental approach which allows students to learn like scientists through trial and error. There are lab assistants for each lab and each lab is well-resourced.

"Rangmanch" - The Theatre Arts Studio

This teaching space is probably the one which students see as the 'coolest'. It is ideal for the up-coming actor or someone who wants to experiment with drama. This room has all the necessary equipment and atmosphere for practicing your acting, dancing and singing in order to hone individual talent.

"Hungry I"

Cafeteria Our school canteen will be operated by a private catering company that provides a wide range of wholesome juices, drinks, milk, yoghurt, fruits, sandwiches, assorted savoury and sweet snacks and a main dish at lunch time. With a varied weekly menu, students will have the option of availing a school lunch.

Medical Room

With the health and safety of our students being of utmost importance, we have a qualified staff member to attend to students who become ill.

The school doctor will have student medical records of all students compiled from the student medical forms which must be completed and sent to the school annually.