What can my child learn in FLAG's Playschool?

Learning is a natural process that is very enjoyable for both teachers and students. We have a very special program at the FLAG Playschool. We offer a unique opportunity for your child to grow as an independent thinking individual who is just beginning his/her adventure in life-long learning.

At FLAG Playschool..

We provide children with an inspiring, nurturing and positive environment through recognizing that all children learn in different ways and come from many different backgrounds of experience. This enables us to offer children the best start in life.

There is a complex but flexible framework with features that characterize the teaching-learning interaction. The aim is to implement teaching-learning strategies wherein children can be highly motivated, feel actively involved in their own learning, and produce work of a high quality.

In conjunction with a variety of approaches, we use an Inquiry Approach.

The Inquiry Approach in Playschool helps children reach their full capacity by letting them focus on what interests them, thus whether we are learning reading, counting or science, we are also learning about something else that binds all these different disciplines together. We help them transform their questions and curiosity into creativity and a preparedness to independently find answers to their questions - all the while gaining a lot of real world experience and exposure that generates the confidence to pursue all of their curiosities and interests.

The Inquiry Approach also sows seeds of questioning and creative independence, which helps students when they move into the IB PYP Programme that FLAG offers from Nursery.

A typical classroom consists of children with different backgrounds, interests, skill-sets, and talents. There are children who learn best through visual aids, children who learn through listening and children who learn through hands on activities. There are children who need more challenges and children who need more help in certain areas. It is quite impossible to meet all these different needs if children are expected to learn and reach the same goals as their classmates in the same time-frame and progression. Instead, the best way to meet all these individual needs is to listen to the children and to integrate all different areas of learning.

We ensure that the children are always interested in what they are learning and get the most out of their FLAG experience.

A Typical Day at FLAG Playschool

  • Children arrive and are greeted by the teacher. Children may choose from a variety of free play activities.
  • Children are engaged in Circle time which consists of greetings, calendar and weather.
  • Children then engage in Group Time (This is a learning experience in any of the core areas, singing, stories, finger plays, theme discussions, art and crafts, music and movement).
  • Students enjoy a morning snack in between and enjoy outdoor Play before they leave for the day.